Speed - Strength - Beer

We are the Hunan Hashers

Welcome to the Hunan Hash House Harriers

We are a fairly young hash kennel, but very active with a loyal following of addicted hashers.
We try to meet every other Sunday for a countryside run.
Anyone with a good sense of humor is welcum. It also helps to have a moderate amount of fitness, but you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to join us. We even have walkers.
All you have to bring is a good pair of sports or hiking shoes and a clean set of clothes to change into after the hash. We also have hash shirts for sale.
We are a mixed and adult-oriented hash, but parents can bring their offspring as long as they are aware of hash traditions and customs, and won’t complain that their Dear Precious is getting corrupted by hash culture.
We charge everyone 70 RMB before the hash. This is barely enough to cover bus, scouting and haring expenses, the beer and the dinner for our bus driver. Oh, you don’t drink beer? No worries, we'll drink it for you. However, you've still got to pay your 70 RMB.
After the circle, we have dinner at a local restaurant. We split the damage fair and square.
So you might look at 120 to 140 RMB for a fun-filled mind-altering day.
Our hares do an outstanding job finding and setting spectacular trails close to the city. Therefore, hares hash for free!
And don’t forget to check out our stunning images and the video below.
The wait is over

Finally, on the Big Screen

Hash Art for the Eons

by Forest Fart
Hashers in distress
Location, Location, Location

Finding Us


And after the Hash...

...help yourself to a FREE beer at Schiller's, the one bar that still welcums us.


Nothing Else Matters
Hashers love to brag about how many times they survived the hash
But if your intention is to get laid you better appear on this list
Hunan Hash