Our markings

are simple but elaborate. We explain them to newcummers before the hash, but it won't do you any harm to have a look here already.

marking with flour
We use flour to mark our trails. You find it on trees, rocks and the ground

Hunan Hash markings
At a circle, check out different trails. Find three marks and you are on. Kick the circle into the right direction to let walkers know the way.

Hunan Hash House Harriers
False Trail. Go all the way back to the circle and check out another direction.

backcheck Hunan Hash
Backcheck. The right trail is between this mark and the check

At the Rambo / Whimp split you have to decide whether you want to do the longer or shorter trail

A lot of hashers despise backchecks

They prefer this one.

Hashers help hashers. Always follow the arrow...

...unless a trustworthy looking hasher tells you otherwise

No more checks after this point. More importantly: Beer is Neer!