No.82 The Decade Hash of 2020

Hashvertisement No.82 –The Decade Hash of 2020

When: Sunday, Jan 5. 2020 at 1:00 pm.

Where: Meixihu West Station (line 2), Exit 4

Bus leave about 1:15PM

Hares: Double00, Hottie Hacker

Location: Maolichong Forest Park

Total: about 8 km

Restaurant: 莲花晚土菜馆,长沙岳麓区-079县道附近

It was the first hash of the year 2020! How lucky we were that had a warm hashedelic day in late winter. In this hash, Double00 took back his mismanagement again when he return us. Considering he was too dead drunk on New year eve to do scout on the next day, our trail only about 8 km, which was obviously shorter than usual. However, the trail was absolutely fascinating. We run though  the hidden pathway in the woods and the countryside roads near changsha. Enjoyed the forest air and ice beer as much as we can.

It was a bit shame that lots of usual hares didn’t make it yesterday, nevertheless, the sudden visit from Blow Harder, who represented for the Beijing H3, bough plenty of laugh during the circle. He  was in a pink wizard-like shirt and hold his special wood beercup, most importantly, with the exotic hash songs u may never hear before, woohahahaaaaaaa……..By the way, as you can see in the pictures, the gorgeous shirts on our GM and RA, which also were generous gifts from this Beijing visitor. He may underestimated the size of Changsha hasher’s beer belly, after all, they are the most loyal hashers there.

There are several good news, Woodburn and Hottie Hacker will become our great hares and lead more adventure in the future hashes. Landing Strip achieve her 10 runs,(pls BRING the 10 PATCH for her). At same time, Woodburn got his 25 total runs, GREAT CONRATULATIONS for them!!!

It was so amazingly breath-taking that went down in the annals of hashing as ‘The Best Hash Ever’.

Pay 50 RMB for the trail, beer and your personal space on the hash bus. You can register with and pay through  wechat Double00Dirk or Woodburn ( WeChat ID: a25782880 )

Having fun has never been that easy.

Most welcome join us and HASHY NEW YEAR in 2020 🙂

On On,