No.81 The Sluty Christmas Dragon Hash

Hashvertisement No.81 – The Sluty Christmas Dragon Hash

When: Sunday, Dec 22. 2019 at 1:00 pm.
Where: Meixihu West Station (line 2), Exit 4
Bus leave about 1:25PM
Hares: Woodbourn and Pecker Pageant
Location: Shi Yanhu Park
Total: about 7.91 km, 3 hours
Restaurant: 途居湘潭昭山露营地 湖南省湘潭市岳塘区 昭山镇玉屏村

Winter is coming, however, it was incredible lucky for hashers as the rain has stopped after whole week cold and wet. It seemed our RAs took effect very well. There were no doubt that this was anther best hash ever hash as the last one in the year of 2019. Not only because it was a Santa hash, as lots hashers weared Santa hats and dresses for per-celebrating the Christmas. But also for the elders return, as you can see, Double-00 return to our hash and will take over the mismanagement, moreover, Monkey and Hottie Hacker back to hash as well.

The trail was a bit short but quit challenging. We climbed a couple of mountains and hills, up and down, like a long Sluty Dragon shape. With the spectacular overlook view of mountains near the countryside of Changsha. No beer stop and schapp, because the schapp bottle was broken on bus, which supposed offer warm whisky for everyone. In circle, Stranger Danger was named.

it was so amazingly breath-taking that went down in the annals of hashing as ‘The Best Hash Ever’.
Pay 50 RMB for the trail, beer and your personal space on the hash bus. You can register with and pay  through  wechat Double00Dirk or Woodburn (a25782880)
Having fun has never been that easy.   and NOT BE LATE !!!
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