No.79 The Foggy Autumn Hash

Hashvertisement No.79 –The Foggy Autumn Hash

When: Sunday, Nov 17. 2019 at 1:00 pm.

Where: Meixihu West Station (line 2), Exit 4

Bus leave about 1:30PM

Hares: Forest Fart, Poppin’Tart

Location: Xiangbiwo Forest Park

Total: about 12.37 km, 3.53 hours

Restaurant: 龙溪湖现代农庄度假村,长沙岳麓区学士村G0401(长沙绕城高速)

As u know, every best ever hash cannot without the hares’ effort. they have to put lots energy and time on it. Bush banger starts scout his trail at 6am and felt pressure about if it is a good trail and restaurant for everyone. Woodburn usually does scouts 4 to 5 times to settle a perfect trail, and got serval blood injures when cutting off bushes in order to create a safety route. There are no double that they are best hares ever. The original reason why I want to be a hare because I’d like to know how the hash works. Not only to enjoy every hash time, but also how the trails were made from beginning. I was thinking to co-hare with other hares, but there were rare chances. Until I told with Poppin tart, as she is one of the veterans in hash group and did hare twice. And she accepted immediately. So we start our haring plan.

We decided our hash location quickly, and did an excellent cooperation. After first scout, we found a really amazing trail. Woodburn tried to intervene our plan. He is a super consultant and supplied his tools generously. As well as monkey gave us support for bus. Since that, I truly understand the meaning of ON ON,the hares support and respond each other anytime with their effort.

In order to arrange this hash, Poppin tart and I came up lots ideas to make it special, she prepared some surprise in woods, however, nobody found it. I wrote down whispers on schnaps cups. Most importantly, we putted lost effort on finding trail. It was really exciting experience to hare with poppin tart, as we both are kind of girls won’t choose normal route. We changed our trail couple times. And found some rubbles, wetland roods and created a wood trail link to a small stone peak. In other words, hashers can have different experience and enjoy the gorgeous autumn view from our hash.

As we expect, it was another best hash ever. We got lots good comments (know as hash of death…) and most hashers like it. Except we forgot mark the beer stop… some hashers missed it…(sorry David and Tamara, haha). Anyway, still looking for award to have next hash : ) by the way, on today hash, Springbok Slammer got her nifty patch of 25 hash run, great congratulation !!!

There are there main reason for posting hash photos on our website. First hunan hash website has stoped posted pictures since No52, it was a bit shame, because no one knows what happen after that. So I was thinking about would do something on it when visited our website. Secondly, it is a good way to keep all our hash memories, when u look though these happy smiles and nature view, which would reminds the happy moment our had. Thirdly. I hope it would be a good way to advertise Hunan Hash, let more people know about us and get involve in. Hunan hash is a great local community for drinking, running in countryside of Changsha. We are most welcome all newcummers and virgins ; ) So.. welcome to share your hash pictures in our wechat group, FULL SIZE PLEASE.

Pay 50 RMB for the trail, beer and your personal space on the hash bus. You can register with and pay through wechat Double00Dirk or Woodburn ( WeChat ID: a25782880 )

Having fun has never been that easy.
Most welcome join us and NOT BE LATE !!!

On On,

Waldeinsamkeit (Forest Fart now)