No.78 Hunan Halloween Horror Hash House Harrier Hash !

Hashvertisement No.78 – Hunan Halloween Horror Hash House Harrier Hash !

When: Sunday, Nov 3. 2019 at 2:00 pm.

Where: Hunan University Station (line 4), Exit 3

Bus leave about 2:15PM

Hares: Woodbourn, Spotted Dick, Kalle.

Location: Yuelu mountian and Hunan University campous

Total: about 13.20 km, 3.28 hours

Restaurant: Crave 长沙开福万达广场(开福区中山路589号)

It was annal Halloween Hash again!!! (known as H6 Hash) and the weather was absolutely hash tastiest. Since this is a city hash, Costumes has been ready for this special day. now you can imagine how a bunch of laowai was eye catching, especially in horror dress and makeup, on the street. we got joker couples, happy bat lady, Pikachu and Ash Ketchum and lots others fantastic and creative costumes. like Woodburn made his bloody mouth himself.(unfortunately, it didn’t survive at the end ). This also a fuck off hash of for fucks sake…she will go to Shenzhen for some reason. After hash, we had delightful homemade pizza by crave and wonderful night.

Btw, Forest Fart twin sis Belle, joined her first hash, they look sooo similar even though the way they’re drinking. actually, she is a good photographer, took amazing pics for hash. looking forward to see her more.

it was so amazingly breath-taking that went down in the annals of hashing as ‘The Best Hash Ever’.

Pay 50 RMB for the trail, beer and your personal space on the hash bus. You can register with and pay through wechat Double00Dirk or Woodburn ( WeChat ID: a25782880 )

Having fun has never been that easy.
Most welcome join us and NOT BE LATE !!!

On On,

Waldeinsamkeit (Forest Fart now)