No.76 The Front Yard Hash

Hashvertisement No.76 – The Front Yard Hash

When: Sunday, Oct 6. 2019 at 2:30 pm.

Where: Hanwanglin Park Station (line 4), Exit 2

No bus this time, group started off about 2:45

Hares: Bush Banger (NEVER believe him on trail when he gives the direaction if u are runner on ahead !!!)

Location: A undeveloped Park near Hanwanglin

Total: about 9.27 km, 2.40 hours

Restaurant: 聚丰食府  长沙市 望城区 银星苑A07栋-07号

This Sunday Hash has a large amount of hashers. weather was cool and comfortable for hashing. We climbed through a steep woodland  and undeveloped hill . As for the front yard hash, it cames from there are lots of local residential house with front yard on the trail. and a dead dog on the road(if u noticed that)

it was so amazingly breath-taking that  went down in the annals of hashing as ‘The Best Hash Ever’.

Pay 50 RMB for the trail, beer and your personal space on the hash bus. You can register with and pay  through  wechat Double00Dirk

Having fun has never been that easy.

On On,