No.75 The Shy Friends Got Lost Hash

Hashvertisement No.75 – The Shy Friends Got Lost Hash

When: Sunday, Sep 23. 2019 at 2 pm.

Where: Meixihu West Station (line 2), Exit 4

Bus leaves not on time! (wait for Pecker pageant)

Hares: Woodurn and Shitstained Sidewalk.

Location: Shifengshan Forest Park, Qijiang River

Total: about 10.53 km, 3 hours

This Sunday Hash is a great opportunity for enjoy the early autumn view. with clear blue shy and golden field. You certainly won’t get disappointed. However, most of hashers got lost in trail.

it was so amazingly breath-taking that  went down in the annals of hashing as ‘The Best Hash Ever’.

Pay 50 RMB for the trail, beer and your personal space on the hash bus. You can register with and pay to me through  wechat Double00Dirk

Having fun has never been that easy.

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