#49 – The Unpresidented Hash

Hashvertisement #49 – The Unpresidented Hash

AS YOU KNOW, I am not known as someone who lightly claims things or makes up stuff, especially not if it involves the use of superlatives. But in the matter of the upcoming hash, I feel inclined to make an exception. Here is my verdict.
This hash will without the shred of a doubt be known to future generations of hashers as The Absolutely Best Hash Ever.
How do I dare to make such an unpresidented claim?
In order to adapt to the current climate change, the hares have made an extra effort to ensure that the trail is 100% heat-proof, meaning that 
1) all uphills are gentle and shaded, and that
2) the hares are going to set up a beer stop at a shop whose owner – by the looks of it – won’t pass away until then like the last one.
3) The trail is short, maybe just 8 or 9 km or so. We took out a lot of roadsy bits and you will also not find any steep uphill trails exposed to the sun. The hares generally try to keep it foresty and leveled.
You really don’t want to miss this one.
Pay 40 RMB for the bus, beer, and trail on wechat to Double00Dirk and join the fun.
When: Sunday, July 22 at 3 pm
Where: Meixihu West Station, Exit 4
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