#46 – The Tiger Hash

After scouting for the upcoming Best Hash Ever, the hares were really lucky to find a taxi driver who was just on his way to town to start his shift. Looking all dirty and sweaty he asked us what we had been doing, and when we told him that we had been hiking this particular forest trail he turned around to us and with great admiration, he asked, ‘But weren’t you afraid of the tigers?’

Of course, the answer is no. Any hare of the Hunan Hash is by definition not afraid of anything, but if you happen to be afraid of tigers then you might find this interesting: since Hottie Hacker and I are live hares we are going to set out 15 minutes ahead of the pack and we are going to shoo away every tiger that we’ll run into. Promise!

But that’s not all. The hares will also revive the tradition of having a beer stop on the trail, which will probably be The Best Beer Stop Ever. No, ‘probably’ is the wrong term. ‘Definitely’ is the right one. It’s definitely going to be The Best Beer Stop Ever.

Pay 40 RMB to me on wechat (Double00Dirk) for beer, trail and to secure your personal space on the hash bus. If you want one of our super cool hash shirts (and as a regular hasher you should definitely have one, or better two or three) you can purchase one for only 60 RMB. Please let me know in advance so that I can bring enough.

Where: Meixihu West Station (Line 2), Exit 1

When: Sunday, June 10th at 3 pm. DON’T BE LATE!