Run #26 – The Revisited Hash

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hunan Hash,

While undoubtedly showing very promising signs of proper Religious Advisory by stopping the recent heavy rainfalls, some claim that Bush Banger might just have gone a bit overboard this time. They say he should work more on the fine-tuning, ideally by cutting off 10 degrees of the temperature right away. Why not keep those for a cold and rainy day, they ask. Rhetorically.

That makes total sense to me, and I am sure the RA will throw in a good word for us when he meets the weather gods during the next few days.

In the extremely unlikely event that they will be cranky and uncooperative, the hare has agreed to shorten the trail by a km or two. That means we can meet later than normal.

When: Sunday, July 23, 2017, at 4 PM

Where: Taoyuan Cun, Didi knows it as 桃园村-公交站. It should be approx. 12 to 15 RMB maybe

Directions: from Wanchengpo or Meixihu East Stations go South on Xi Er Huan. Pass Bubugao, go on for another 1.5 km or so, and then stop right at the main road where you see this bus stop and factory (see pictures below)

Hare: Mystery Hare. Prepare to be amazed.

Hash Trash

Apart from Wine Waster there was no one who had joined the hash two weeks earlier, and since Wine Waster is a bit direction challenged, Double-00 and H.E.I.D.E. took off to set the first live Hunan countryside Hash. Unfortunately, the flour from last time was still easy to spot and virgin hasher Awenand caught the hares right away. 

The trail was shady and because of the unbearable heat these days only 8 km long. The video below says 15km or so, but that is because I forgot to turn off the GPS. Still, a very cool video, great animation.