Run #25 – The New RA Hash

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hunan Hash,

As you know, the last hash was the Fuck-Off Hash of our Dear Religious Advisor Balls in Chains. While fucking him up and off was good and fun at the time, we certainly didn’t take into account that such issues aren’t entirely up to us insignificant earthlings only. The weather gods also have a say in this matter, and it was more than obvious that they were extremely pissed off about us not providing a proper successor for Balls in Chains.

Therefore, we apologize for the heavy rainfalls. We are to blame, us and no one else. AS YOU CAN SEE, by now we did some damage control, soothing the weather gods with the promise that we will appoint a very befitting candidate.


When: Sunday, July 9 at 3 PM

Where: Lushan Nan Lu corner Fubuhe Lu. That’s a T-junction. The trail begins on Lushan Nan Lu opposite to where Fubuhe Lu meets it.

Show this to the driver 麓山南路靠近阜埠河路

Hares: Wasted Wench and 00


This is the trail that we designed for the British Consul General and his posse, and although they cancelled on us you can expect an extra spectacular trail.

On On


Hash Trash 

It's summer and everyfuckinbody has left. And whoever hasn't left didn't show because it can be boiling hot these days. Anyway, 6 hashers including the hares made it out. The trail was spectacular as promised, although at a possible shortcut we could hear the thunder rolling in and see lightning not too far away from where we were, and we all decided to be weak. Fortunately, though, cause shortly after we got to the fanciest hash restaurant ever it started to piss down. That's when in a very ceremonial ceremony we made Bush Banger our new Religious Advisor. Congratulations and On On.