Run #24 – Balls in Chains’ Fuck-Off Hash

 Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hunan Hash,

The devastating brain drain on the Hunan Hash continues. After having to let go of Mr. Sm… sorry, Mr. Fart last week, we have to say farewell to our Religious Advisor this coming Saturday. Balls in Chains and Chainsaw will depart for a land where women aren’t called slut, wench, tart, or something, but rather referred to as fair maiden. It remains to be seen how Chainsaw can deal with such increased levels of politeness and well-mannerism.

In order to celebrate their fucking off, the mismanagement team of the Hunan Hash has ordered the hares to set the Best Hash Ever, and that is exactly what they did.


When: Saturday, June 24 at 2.30 PM

Where: Kaifu Government Station, Exit 4

Hares: Enzo and Double-00


Important: Enzo’s former boss owns a hash restaurant which serves as our B-point. He will send a bus to pick up the hashers at the meeting point and bring us back after the hash. So, DON’T BE LATE!

Hash Trash

It was pouring down hard in the morning and only 8 hardcore hashers made it to the run in the afternoon. Beautiful trail though, and the 8 were adamant about doing this exact trail again in the future. We will see to that.

Enzo as a hare was named and will be known as Pussy Control from now on.

Balls in Chains and Chainsaw got fucked-off in proper hash style, and Double needs a new phone after his one got flooded while setting the trail.