Run #22 – The Erratic Hash

Hashvertisement #22 – The Erratic Hash
First, they say it’s on Sunday, then it’s never ever on a Sunday again, only on Saturday, and then they tell us it’s been switched back to Sunday - do these Hunan Hashers actually know what they are doing? Will this be a temporary or a permanent change? They claim that it’s only this one time, but then again, who could possibly know with them? I for my part have decided to live one hash at a time. And the next one is apparently a really big one.
When: Sunday, May 28, at 3 PM
Where: Bubugao along the Xierhuan
Directions: Take a Didi or a taxi from Meixihu East Station, Exit 4. Alternatively, follow the Lushan Nan Lu all the way to the end.
Hares: Frankenswine and Double-00
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Hash Trash

First Cum Conductor and Frankenswine wanted to hare. Then Cum Conductor bailed out because we were "too busy". I agreed to step in for Cum Conductor, but then Frankenswine also wanted to bail out. His wife wouldn't let him go out for scouting, he claimed. Utter nonsense, yes, but now I was without a co-hare. So I did what no honest man should ever have to do. I asked Angry Dragon to join me. But on Friday Cum Conductor aid he could be my co-hare again because he had finished whatever it was he had to finish. I agreed to even go out a day prior to the run to set the trail. I usually never do that. I also told Angry Dragon to fuck-off, she wasn't needed anymore. On Saturday morning I went to meet Cum Conductor at the A-point. Who wasn't there was Cum Conductor. After half an hour I called Angry Dragon and told her the good news that she was a co-hare again. Ungratefully, she showed me the finger through the phone. She is really the only person who I know who is able to do that.

To cut a long story short - I had to set the trail all by myself. I was so pissed off that I decided to set the best hash ever. And that's what I did.

Furthermore, Matt from the Crave made it to the hash. In slippers and on a mobike. Kudos. However, we don't recommend anyone to try this out.

And on top of it all, finally, Thomas got his hash name Wine Waster.