Run #16 – The New RA Hash

After somehow surviving the perfect shit storm for cancelling the hash because of heavy drizzle, it is now time for me to repent and to make it up to you. Hence, Phil and I are going to set what future generations of Hunan Hashers will refer to as The Best Hash Ever.


When: Sunday, March 19, 2017 @ 2 PM

Where: Taohualing Park Entrance on Meixihu Lu, or 桃花岭公园梅溪湖路

Take a taxi or Didi from Meixihu East, exit 4.


I don’t want to further upset anyone with cheap excuses, but the real reason why we cancelled two weeks ago is that the Hunan Hash still has no Religious Advisor, the sublime one, the one who knows how soothe the weather gods. Therefore, the mismanagement team of the Hunan Hash has decided to finally appoint one. We are going to follow ancient hash rituals to select the best candidate for this highly prestigious position.


Hash Trash 

This hash saw the inauguration of Balls in Chains as the first Religious Advisor of the Hunan Hash. Welcum on board.

Furthermore about 20 lucky hashers witnessed the transformation of Phil into Frankenswine, and Cindy into Aloha Cowgirl.

On On