Run #15 – The Inaugural Hunan Full Moon Hash

When Joyce went home for Chinese New Year she was thrilled to learn that even in a miserable renegade dwelling like Taibei people worship the Hash. In fact, there is so little to do in that pitiable pirates' nest that the locals even hash at nighttime. Being a bit of a night bird with a knack for running, this concept immediately appealed to Joyce. 

Hence, upon her return from Taiwan, she single handedly organized the First Changsha Full Moon Hash. Hooray!

When: Sunday, March 12 @ 7 PM

Where: Culture Art Center Station, Line 2, Exit 2


Bonus: not only is this run counted as Full Moon Hash #1, but also as Hunan Hash #15. That means you'll get two runs for the price of one. #bestdealinchangsha

Important: Pay 20 RMB deposit for beer, flour and beer to our Hash Cash Angry Dragon, wechat ID 15820226168.

The trail ends at the hash restaurant. For those of you who can't make it to the run but want to join the dinner, Joyce is going to disclose the location in our wechat group once the hashers are on trail. (I can help you to get into the wechat group. My ID is Double00Dirk)

This hash will also be the first lived-hared hash in the history of the Hunan Hash. The hares get a mere 15-minutes head start, and the pack is trying to catch them. Joyce has picked Tyson, that poor sod, to be her Flour Bitch. The Flour Bitch is the dumbass whose only job is to carry a bag of flour while trying to keep pace with the master hare.

The Full Moon Hash rules are simpler than our usual ones. The Full Moon Hash doesn't know false trails or back checks. And when you are 'checking', you only need to find 1 flour to shout 'ON ON'.

On On

Hash Trash: The first Full Moon Hash lead us around half of the Meixi Lake. Cool temperatures and a tiny bit of drizzle made the weather really hashedelic. While Cum Conductor chose not to get a new name in the hash restaurant, Shoots Too Quick (formerly known as Tyson) and A Slutty Something (formerly known as Joyce) didn't have much of a choice. Welcum to the club of named hashers.